Monthly Archives: December 2013

Why Bitcoin?

Right now, I’m basically at a point of almost obsession of Bitcoin.  I’m reading every single article, watching every single video, and even having weird dreams about it.

I only just started to understand why.  I’ve always wanted to do something special so that I don’t look back one day and wonder where my effort towards my job and free time were just feeding “the machine” and not making a difference.  I think I’ve realized that we’re on the cusp of something that could shape the future, and I actually have a chance to participate.  It is not being done behind closed doors or being done in someone’s basement, but it’s being done out in the open of the internet.

I’ve put a little bit of money into it, but I think I’m at the point of caring less about making money in the long term, rather than amazed at the possibilities that it will bring in the future.

I’ll be looking for ways to contribute, whether that be buying mining hardware or building software to make it easier to use…  I feel like a little kid being excited about going to Disney World.  That’s why Bitcoin.