My Workout Intervals

This app was the result of working a few months with a great UI designer, Aaron Biser.  During the time, we came up with the concept, hashed out the features we wanted to include, coded and designed the entire app from scratch.

It was a great experience to get my feet wet with Objective C.  Not only does the app have custom timers, but also has custom animations, sounds, and even Facebook integration.

To see more, check out the site dedicated to the app:




Pocket MPG

This app was really an investigation into how much demand was out there for quick reference iPhone Apps.  Pocket MPG provides an entire database of vehicle MPG ratings for thousands of the latest cars and trucks in a quick reference format.

While the paid version of the app has barely sold enough for me to cover the cost of electricity used while writing this description, it did provide me a chance to investigate and learn how to use iAds in the free version that was released as a follow up.  I also gained some hands on experience with parsing oddly formatted files in Objective C.  Who knew there was a time when XML didn’t yet exist???

To see more details about this app, check out the listing in the iPhone App Store, here.


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