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Saving Omniauth Provider Data in the Database

I spent some time searching for a way to not need the App ID and Secret Key for OmniAuth in an initializer. Luckily I ran across a post mentioning this link:


By following these instructions, you can wait and set the App ID and Secret key at request time. In my case, I’m going to pull it out of a database table which stores config items.

My Current Code looks like this:

unless Rails.env.nil?
  CONFIG = YAML.load_file(Rails.root.join("config/secrets.yml"))[Rails.env]

  Rails.application.config.middleware.use OmniAuth::Builder do
    provider :facebook, CONFIG['fb_app_id'], CONFIG['fb_secret_key'], :scope => 'email,user_about_me,user_activities,user_birthday,user_groups', :display => 'popup'

And the future code will look like this:

SETUP_PROC = lambda do |env| 
  config = Config.find(:first)
  env['omniauth.strategy'].options[:consumer_key] = config.facebook_key
  env['omniauth.strategy'].options[:consumer_secret] = config.facebook_secret
use OmniAuth::Builder.new do
  provider :facebook, :setup => SETUP_PROC

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